Getting Started

Connecting to Rock RMS

Before you can use the plugin, you need to provide it with the information needed to connect to your Rock RMS site.

1. Install the RockPress plugin from the Rock Shop

Log in to Rock, then navigate to Admin Tools > Rock Shop. Select the Web category and look for RockPress and install the plugin. After the plugin has been installed, navigate to Admin Tools > Installed Plugins > RockPress.

Click on the Generate API Key button to generate an API Key and User for RockPress.

2. Assign the REST Key to each REST Controller

For this step, you will need get a list of each REST Controller that RockPress needs access to. You can get this list by logging in to your WordPress Admin, and navigating to RockPress > Settings. Click on the REST Controllers button to view a list of the controllers that have been registered with RockPress. This list will change as add-ons and updates are installed/removed. So, you may need to revisit this after installing an update or an add-on.

Now that you have the list of REST Controllers, go to your Rock RMS site and navigate to Security > REST Controllers. Find each Controller Name from your list and click on the Permissions (lock) button to the right of the name. Click on the Add User button and search for the RockPress API Key/User that we created in the previous step. Add the user with at least View permissions for each Controller. Repeat this step for each REST Controller.

3. Enter your REST Key information

Now, you will need to go back to your WordPress Admin, and navigate to RockPress > Settings > Rock RMS and fill in your REST Key information.

You will need to have the following information:

  • The URL you use to access your Rock RMS site.
  • The REST Key that you created.

Click on the Save Changes button. Now, you should be ready to use RockPress.