Embed Block

Seamlessly embed any page from your Rock RMS site.

Inserting the block

Look for the Embed block under the RockPress category in the block selector.

Embed block in the Block Editor's block selector.

Once inserted into the block editor, you will see a placeholder where you are prompted to enter a URL to the page you would like to embed.

Block settings

Embedded Page URL

Here, you can see the URL that is embedded. You also have the option to open the embedded page in a new tab or window.

Pass query string

This option allows you to pass query string parameters from the parent page down to the embedded page.

CSS Code

With this field, you can inject custom CSS into the embedded page. The Update Preview button allows you to see these changes immediately.

Color settings

This option allows you to set the background color of the embedded page. This is a great way to make sure that the embedded page blends in with the rest of your site.